What is the difference between Clinidirect and Clinisupplies?

Clinidirect is a specialist delivery company for all Intermittent Self Catheter (ISC) and Urology/Continence products. Clinisupplies manufacture ISC and Urology products and distribute these in the UK & Ireland

How do I register myself/a Patient to Clinidirect?

How much does it cost?

Clinidirect is a registered provider to the NHS which means it is free to use. We cover all delivery charges, which means there’s no extra cost to you or to the NHS.

We accept all NHS exemptions and prepayment certificates. If you pay for your NHS prescriptions, you’ll have to pay the standard NHS charge.

Where do you deliver?

Clinidirect can deliver anywhere in the UK.

Can I order my medication?

Unfortunately, Clinidirect is not a pharmacy and we are only licensed to dispense appliances. We cannot dispense medications or pharmaceuticals.

How long will it take to receive my order?

When you register with Clinidirect, we’ll ask you which NHS England GP you’re registered with. When you request your products with Clinidirect we’ll send your prescription request to your GP for their approval. This process can take up to five working days for your GP to respond.

Once your request has been approved, we’ll order your devices and send to you as soon as they are available. This is usually within 48 hours, unless we have to order your products in which can take a little longer.

All orders are delivered in discreet, secure packaging by courier.

To ensure you have enough supplies to last you whilst we obtain the prescription, we advise you place your order with 2 weeks’ notice, or when you have approximately half of your products remaining.

What times are you open?

You can register and re-order products 24/7 via our website, or if you would like to speak to one of our specialist customer care team, the phonelines are open:

  • Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm
  • Saturday 9am – 12pm
  • Bank holidays 9am – 12pm

Can I get an extra supply if I am going on holiday?

If you are going away on holiday or require an extra supply of your devices, please get in touch with your GP directly to let them know that you need enough to cover this period before placing the request.

Once you do this, simply login to Clinidirect, or call our advisors and request your prescription. We will pass the request onto your GP, as per usual. They will then send us a prescription for your devices with the expected quantity.

Can I request products on behalf of a family member?

You can manage a family members’ devices with Clinidirect, either online or via the customer support team.

I order prescriptions through Prescription Ordering Line, can I still use Clinidirect?

In some areas your prescriptions will not be fulfilled by your GP, but processed by a customer care team. You can still use Clinidirect. Simply call the number you usually do for your other prescriptions, let them know that you would like your bladder products delivering by Clinidirect, and then just call them on a monthly basis to request more products. They will send your prescription directly to us.

Why has my delivery been delayed?

We pass on your prescription request to your GP. This is done on the same day as your request, Monday to Friday, between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

Once your GP approves a request, they will either send your prescription electronically or by post. When we receive your prescription and it's checked by our customer care team, we’ll start preparing your order.

On average, GP turnaround for prescription requests is within 48 hours.

However, sometimes this can take over a week.

Your GP may take longer than usual due to several reasons:

  • They have sent the prescription to your old pharmacy
  • They would like to speak to you before they issue the prescription
  • They issued a paper prescription that hasn't arrived with us yet
  • They may just be busy and haven’t had the chance to send over your prescription yet

In the meantime, we’d recommend contacting the surgery yourself in case they may wish to speak to you before issuing the prescription. This can sometimes speed up the process.

Should I let my GP know that I'm using Clinidirect?

Clinidirect is contracted by the NHS to deliver urine drainage bags, catheters or sheath. It is helpful if you can let your GP practice know that you would like your bladder supply prescriptions to go to Clinidirect.

Even if you do not tell your GP, they’ll be able to see that you’re registered with Clinidirect by looking at the NHS system.

How you decide to order your repeat prescription is up to you and shouldn't be restricted.

What do you do with my data?

We understand that your data is your business. We work to ensure that we use as little of your personal information as possible and ensure that your data is encrypted every step of the way.

How do you send my products?

All products are sent in unmarked, discreet boxes. All our boxes are 100% recyclable.

Can I use my prepayment certificate with Clinidirect?

How do I qualify for free prescriptions on the NHS?

Is there an extra cost to the NHS or for GPs if I use Clinidirect?

Absolutely not!

Clinidirect provides free delivery to all patients who use us. There is no extra cost to the NHS or GPs. We have a contract to provide NHS services and your prescription is sent to us by your usual NHS GP and processed the same way as any other pharmacy. We cover the cost of dispatching your medication.

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